What is the Palm Leaf Library?

Kanchipuram – India 1/22/2016

“I could say that this wonderful story began many years ago. In one of the conversations, I heard that somewhere in India, there is a “Palm Leaf Library”, that the destinies of all people are written on palm leaves. I curiously set out to research looking for information, and little by little information was gathering, and the desire to one day see the Library and hold my paper seemed like a fantasy of untouchability. The desire to research was always present, and with children’s curiosity, I continued to gather information in the following years, as if I wanted to be ready when the time came.

In my search, I came across many similarities, in the stories of various people from different parts of the world, and so I put together a picture that I wanted to see in my urge. But I didn’t find the complete story anywhere, everything was always like under a veil of secrecy. My desired trip to India, has drawn out a long-forgotten desire to find the Library, and intensified the search for answers to the questions: How do I find it? As a well-known sentence that nothing is accidental, all the signposts of incredible circumstances opened the way for me with everyday events. I encountered many challenges, but I did not give up, I knew that I would visit the “Palm Leaf Library” only in later times it turned out how.

To many people around me, that sounded unbelievable, but something impulsively deeper and primordially pulled me to it. I did not attach importance to other people’s opinions, so the night before going to the Library, I couldn’t sleep. I knew I would experience my spiritual rebirth. But I was not aware that it was a complete reincarnation of my being.

Coming in front of an old building, which gave the impression that it would collapse at any moment, was the first disbelief that all the descriptions of the library, like a deep strange cave, revealed the knowledge that people wanted to give a nicer note one moment. This was not necessary, because everything else that followed entering the Library was a fascinating and unrepeatable experience. It was not necessary to beautify the exterior of the Library and paint it with more beautiful description, but the human urge is to beautify everything.


Thousands of slippers standing in front of the entrance to the Library described the presence of a crowd of people already inside that old building. The scheduled reception time for people working in the Library shortened the waiting time. I watched everything with the eyes of a curious soul, absorbing every detail that the eye saw with an inner excitement that reminded me of my long search.

They take us to a room and after a short time, a man dressed in white enters and briefly explains what we might want to ask if they find our fateful palm leaf. Everything still looks like a “scam”, because we who grew up in the West encounter many such events and are prone to mistrust. After that, I leave the imprint of my left thumb on a white piece of paper. Next to each print, the first letter of the name is written, and after that, we go out to the waiting room. Sitting in the waiting room, I watched those people walking, going in, going out, and carrying some scrolls, that resembled a thick wooden ruler. I watched the people waiting to see if their fateful palm leaf would be found, and I didn’t want to ask the people around me for details, but patiently waited my turn. Although I eagerly wanted to ask and fill in many gaps that I had not been able to write for years.

After a while, a man comes carrying a paper and looks for Snezana – the person I traveled with India – My role as a translator was important in her case, but she curiously shortened the uncertainty of what awaits me. I could write what it looks like when you are an observer or when you are a participant, but still, personal experience is always crucial and brings an energy that leaves messages to others.

When I sat down in a hard chair and watched that creature, which was brought me my destiny palm leaf, he unwrapped it, and with some voice, as he watched what was written on it, he started singing. At the end of the singing or each verse, he asked me questions. I learned that every visitor has the opportunity to “five attempts” to find his leaf. After that, he gives up, because it means that you are not destined in this life to find out, that they read your paper to you. The knowledge that all this was written 4000 years ago, that people who read or sing destiny have been learning for 5 years, the knowledge of the old Tamil language, and which is passed from father to son, is a fascinating beginning of the development of this encounter.


It is necessary that my answers to the questions asked by the reader must be affirmative. Only then is it a sign that your destiny sheet has been found. The first reading was not my paper. Already the second reading and my sincere astonishment, when the reader in bad English, with a difficult pronunciation of my native language, asked if my father’s name was Mile, I confirmed. If my mother’s name is Verka, then I slowly look up in disbelief, that at the other end of the planet some things are written down. I confirm my children, my husband, and the date, day of the week, and time of my birth. I confirm that both parents are alive, and the confirmation of all the answers indicates that my destiny palm leaf, which was written 4000 years ago, has been found.

 Such a deeply spiritual experience, that gives a multitude of answers to questions I have had all these years. Then the reader writes in the old Tamil language, which I stared at with childish curiosity and saw prints of Sanskrit symbols unknown to me. I remained at peace with myself, motionless watching and absorbing every moment that showed that the destiny of all people is already written, that everything that happens in life is for a reason, that we can not change anything because everything is already known, to me as being given a complete peace to accept my past, my decisions, myself completely and to know that I could not change anything or that I will be able to.

When the record is transcribed, then I listen carefully to everything that has already been written to me in my life. Situations that I will go through in my life, and I listened to the reader in complete silence. Every knowledge I heard, did not have a reaction but only knowledge, and acceptance of all the good that my being would experience, only knowledge without any emotional understanding. I listened to the reader who reads my life and as if I was listening to a story about someone else, as if this incredible knowledge of the events I will experience, but the knowledge that everything is already known, gives a complete calm acceptance of everything that awaits me, all fears, all uncertainty is gone, all that remains is for me to continue with the smile that will be the decoration on my face, the path that has already been written and now I know the meaning. Many of the confessions I read and so fed my desire to find this old strange creation, located in a city far from my house, is the realization that people embellished the story under a veil of secrecy to mystically interest others about the strangeness of everything you can there to experience.


I learned that the destinies of all people were written down 4000 years ago, that everyone has their destiny palm leaf, but only at a certain life and moment, you are allowed to find it to read to you. As a being who has fulfilled my karmic obligation and a being who has climbed a step higher in my spiritual development, wonderfully observing the depth of life, I am now allowed to hold that bundle of my palm leaf, to hear my meaning and to continue, to everything I turned to a long time ago. This event is an incredible moment in which harmony and peace have settled because they are necessary so that I could with energy, creativity, and true words encourage many people to bring light into their lives and realize that they already possess it. Many will think that it is astrology, that you can find out the destinies of people close to you, but none of that is true, even if the desire draws you to it and the paths open, it is not possible to find out the lives of your children, brothers, and sisters. (just general things throughout your life), even if you may have the address of the Palm Leaf Library and come to the other end of the planet, it does not mean that you are destined at that moment that your destiny palm leaf will be found and read to you.

I am sure that many are wondering, what is the knowledge to know whether you will be sick and when you will leave this world, whether you will be happy, rich? Does that change us? It changes deep within us, but only as a peaceful acceptance of all that awaits us. Will I say what awaits me, maybe some details but a lot of knowledge I will save for myself because after all, they are only personal.

In the end, I will say that the wonderful spiritual experience that gave the essence of everything I observe around me, that I do not try to understand, that I do not look for culprits in others and that I understand that the path I take from birth to departure is already written because every one of us has a task to teach. It needs to find meaning and the life I lead is just a signpost to the ultimate meaning.

To transfer my impression in the words you are reading now, it took me two days to fully understand everything I felt and in just one moment to understand everything.

Wrote – Biljana Nikolic Yoga Therapy Teacher 500 RYT

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Wrote – Biljana Nikolic Yoga Therapy Teacher 500 RYT

Text translation Ana Manasijević Kosher



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