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Hatha Yoga – Style Yoga

Hatha Yoga – Style Yoga

How to choose a style and yoga teacher?

Reading about yoga creates an imaginary picture of the teachers who represent the philosophy of yoga and then the question arises as to which style of yoga to choose or who is a good yoga teacher because in human nature it is that we want the best for ourselves. Yoga teachers are beings who have learned life lessons by experiencing them and before they became “Warriors of Light”, they were an integral part of our environment, engaging in various professions and forming part of the community in a different way, but somewhere in some “life street” “they wanted to take a deeper look at their own selves, finding the” time “they primarily donated to themselves by learning the practicalities of how to physically and mentally push boundaries, diligently and disciplined exploring personal opportunities and, through work, answering many questions, acting as curious children who were theoretical They poured knowledge into practical application, implementing it into everyday life, and through their own example to the community and spreading knowledge, showed the students the dedication and perseverance that it represents in this contemporary moment in which we all find ourselves in great challenge. Yoga teachers are beings who have moved physical and mental boundaries through the depth of their personal choices and self-views, and by attaining psychophysical balance and with the knowledge they have acquired at the moment, nurturing their goodness primarily because by birth they have received “life gifts” that they have learned to accept and with ease to bring them out. Practicing yoga techniques and pushing their boundaries, their gift of knowledge transfer has been refined and changed over the years, becoming more practical and better.

“The meaning of life is to find your gift and the purpose of life is to give it away!” – a sentence that is a shining star and illuminates every yoga teacher. Their teaching does not end like in other teachings, because by knowing yourself you always have something to learn.

Question: Who is a good yoga teacher?

I smile when I hear it and say that by choosing a yoga style, you choose the chosen path of knowledge transfer, and no one can make the wrong choice, because the path will lead you directly to a teacher who spreads positive light to people as an energy vault, imparting a great deal of yoga knowledge to you to implement to the world of life to advance both physically and spiritually, and if time shows the need for deeper knowledge you may move on.

A long time ago, I heard a wonderful saying, “Everyone around us is a teacher,” which I often say is a thank you to all the people I meet and complement each other with our words and actions and so grow together interactively.

Your current choice is the right choice that gives you the opportunity to learn more to refine yourself and your life!

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