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Yoga Drink “Lassi”

Many times I have passed the famous Ayurvedic “Lassi” recipe to my students and of course in the summer days I remember it again. It may bring relief to many in the heat of summer, many may choose to act better than cold lemonade or beer, but I will leave that to anyone who tastes their conclusion šŸ™‚

Yoga drink ā€œLassiā€ is an extremely healthy yoga drink made from yogurt. According to the basic recipe, yogurt is mixed with water in a different ratio according to personal choice. Most often the ratio is 1/4 yogurt to 3/4 water. They are well mixed either in a blender or in a closed bottle and served with the addition of various spices, fruits, and nuts. Lassi leaves you with the opportunity to use your imagination and refresh yourself during hot summer days or warm in winter. Its effective effect on digestion is remarkable. However, it should be avoided in the late evening as it is then difficult to digest, as is the yogurt itself. Fruits and nuts can be added chopped or ground in a blender.

Cute Hair:

1/4 yogurt + 3/4 water + honey/sugar (yellow) + cardamom, cinnamon (spices are put on a teaspoon or a pinch)

Salty Hair:

1/4 yogurt + 3/4 water + ginger (in winter), cumin, salt, black pepper, coriander, (spices are put on a teaspoon or a pinch)

Rich Hair:

1/4 yogurt + 3/4 water + chopped fruit of choice, ground nuts (almonds, hazelnuts, etc.), 3-4 tablespoons of sugar (sweeten if desired), spices (vanilla, cinnamon, coconut)

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