Book “Yoga Traning: Lumbar Spine”


Let’s remember: What is the Significance of the Spine?

The significance of the spine is multiple, and in this case, we will mention that the spine protects the spinal cord from injury. At the same time, the spine provides strength and support to the body. It consists of vertebrae and each vertebra with an adjacent and above and below represents a joint. Since the vertebrae are composed of bone mass, to avoid friction, one disc is placed between each vertebra, which is made of pulpal soft tissue, with the function of amortization movement and preventing friction of the bony joint surfaces of the vertebral body. Compactness, firmness, and elasticity of the spine are provided by other soft tissue that begins and ends with the bone mass of the vertebrae.

What Are The Most Common Causes Of Pain?

  • Any work or sports activity or activity of daily living, if not performed correctly or abruptly or lasting for a long time, can cause pain in the lumbar back.

Pain is most often associated with the following activities:

  • improper lifting of loads where the torso is bent and rotated
  • a sudden movement of rotation, bending or rotation and stretching of the torso
  • prolonged sitting
  • prolonged driving
  • prolonged walking
  • prolonged standing
  • poor sleeping position
  • injuries of the musculoskeletal system of the lumbar region – trauma (most often traffic accidents, injuries during sports activities …)

What Are The Essential Causes Of Lumbar Spine Pain?

The muscles of the torso that are the connection between the torso and the pelvis are the muscles of the back, located next to the spine on both sides (m.m. extensores trunci), gluteal muscles (m.gluteus minimus, medius et maximus), on the front of the torso abdominal muscle (m.rectus abdominis ) and flexor of the thigh (m. iliopsoas), and both sides of the torso sideways ( flexores trunci: m.obliquus abdominis ext, m.obliquus abdominis int, m.quadratus lumborum); The lumbar region is the place where the torso joins the pelvis, and the pelvis with the legs makes it one of the most mobile parts of the spine, and at the same time it is the part that suffers the greatest load. At the same time, it is the place where the center of gravity of the whole body is located, or more precisely it’s center. The surface of the support is the feet, the center of gravity of the body is usually 1 meter from the ground, and the complete load is the weight of the body and the force of the earth’s gravity in the lumbar spine. Muscle weakness usually results in poor postural posture and poor biomechanics. This is also the reason why these muscle groups should be strong. The stability of the torso-pelvis-leg connection results from the muscle mass and strength of the mentioned muscle groups.

What Are The Values ​​Of Practicing Yoga?

The essence of practicing yoga poses (asana) as a method of therapy, where the emphasis is placed exclusively on the principle of anatomical body position, using yoga aids (mat, yoga block, bolster, chair and wall) and on unique way allows each body to enter properly in the yoga position, certain muscle groups are supported to strengthen more intensely and properly. Then, the vertebrae of the spinal column stretch more correctly, and finally, not less important, the twisting of the vertebrae of the lumbar part of the spine is achieved correctly. The program of yoga exercises as a method of therapy includes 9 yoga positions (asanas), with detailed instructions on proper anatomical positioning of the body, activation of certain points in each position as well as several variants as a possibility of performing, the order of practicing yoga positions and time retention gives each individual with his current ability to see his progress in a very short period.


E-Book Yoga Traning: Lumbar Spine

I present the book as an educational plan for proper exercise, strengthening, and twisting of the lumbar spine with detailed instructions on performing yoga postures to strengthen the muscles and mobility of the spine.

Wrote – Biljana Nikolic Yoga Therapy Teacher 500 RYT

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Text translation Ana Manasijević Kosher

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