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It is an experience that cannot be retold, passed on to someone else, but only experienced.

That mental training allowed me to see things more clearly, and perhaps with a little more gratitude. You can either go crazy because you wait in line for a little longer, or you can understand that you are standing on scaffolding made of bones, and you can breathe through an air cushion made of tissue, and you can understand the meaning of all that with your brain.
The technique is taught in a ten-day course, Vipassana retreats in the Netherlands during which participants learn the basics of the technique and practice well enough to experience its positive results. Courses are free of charge – not even to cover food and accommodation costs. All costs are covered through donations from people who, after completing the course and experiencing the benefits of Vipassana, want to enable others to feel the same benefits as well.
Vipassana is a meditation that has helped many people to enlighten themselves more than others because it is very essential and simple. Vipassana can be used in three ways – you can choose the one that suits you best.
The first way is: to be aware of your activities, your body, your mind, your heart. If you walk, you can walk consciously. If you move your hands, move them consciously, perfectly aware that you are doing it. You can move them without any consciousness, in a mechanical way … you are on a morning walk; you can go for a walk without even being aware of your feet. So be aware of the movement of your body. As you eat, be aware of the movements needed during meals. Take a shower, be aware of the freshness that comes to you, the waterfalls on you, and feel great joy – just stay awake. This will not happen in a state of unconsciousness or drowsiness.
It’s the same with your mind. Whenever a thought appears in the space of your mind, just be an observer. Any emotion to appear in the space of your heart, just remain a witness to it – do not get involved, do not identify, do not judge what is good and what is bad; it is not part of your meditation.

The second form is breathing; be aware of your breathing. When you inhale, let your stomach rise, and when you exhale, your stomach retracts. Thus, the second method is dedicated to the consciousness of the stomach: it rises and falls. Only the correct awareness of the abdomen that rises and falls … and the abdomen is very close to the source of life because the child is connected to life through the mother and his navel. Its source of life is located from the navel. So when the stomach rises, it is truly life energy, the spring of life that appears and disappears with each breath. It’s not hard either, maybe it’s even easier because it’s a simple technique.

The third form is the awareness of the breath at the entrance, when the breath enters the nostrils. Feel it in their extreme – the other extreme from the stomach – feel it in your nose. When the breath enters, it gives you a certain freshness in your nostrils. And then the breath comes out … the breath comes in, the breath comes out. And it is possible. This method is easier for men than for women. Women are more aware of their stomachs. Many men do not even breathe so deeply, from the stomach. Only their lungs rise and fall due to the already formed belief in the athletic way of breathing. It will give you a more beautiful body shape, your chest will develop while your stomach will stagnate. The men chose to breathe only to the level of the lungs so that the chest became larger and the abdomen retracted. That’s how he looked athletic.

Vipassana is a meditation technique of Tibetan Buddhists that Osho tore from oblivion and adapted for the modern man.
It is hard work that makes you draw strength from the last sources of will. Each one-hour meditation session is an epic battle between determination and giving up. It’s boring like the devil. But surprisingly, out of a hundred students, only a few drop out.
Presiding over vipassana is an incredibly difficult job and I completely understand why people would say that it is not for them. But if like me, you spend most of your life seeking a solution or technique for a calm mind, bad habits, fears, indecision, and trauma, then it is ten days of silence when you wish your ass was five times bigger to soften all that sitting, mercifully short in compared to all that.

Our attitudes towards life, towards ourselves, other people, and phenomena are most often DISTORTED by misconceptions. Our dear EGO is quickly offended, and we even kill for it. Vipassana training gives us space to see the TRUE truth of a situation. “Passana” in the fallen language of the Buddha’s time means “to look with ordinary eyes”, and Vipassana means to see the TRUE TRUTH without those conditioned glasses, preconceptions, implications, rigid attitudes, personal learned “truths” and the like. EMOTIONAL MATURATION par excellence! Understanding the wholeness of one’s being, great respect for oneself and others, love for life.

If you want to learn more about Vipassana meditation and relive your personal experience, you can get all the information about Vipassana retreats in the Netherlands and I warmly recommend it because working on yourself is a spiritual awakening and a completely new birth of yourself.

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Wrote- Biljana Nikolic Yoga Therapy Teacher 500 RYT

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