Kako danas umanjiti napetost
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Yoga Against Tension

Yoga Against Tension

There are many situations in our daily lives where we feel moved from our center of gravity, then we feel an emotion of anger and negative thought. Each person’s tolerance threshold is different but the effect is negative and produces further reactions, it takes a long time to regain their inner peace. With a simple yoga exercise, we can eliminate the anger emotion in 1 minute and reduce the tension.

Practical exercise:

– At the moment when a certain everyday situation transforms into a bad emotion, automatically turn your attention to breathing. Keep your focus center on the breathing, so that the focus is on the breathing, not the situation or the person. Within 1 minute your breathing concentrations of negative emotions or anger were gone.

Kako danas umanjiti napetost

The effects of yoga exercise are:

– The mind calms down in complete concentration on conscious breathing

– The heart begins to have a balanced rhythm

– Negative excitement disappears in 1 minute and everything returns to emotional balance.

This practical tip is self-help that can restore balance at some point and many stressful situations that can develop into negativity. Over time, practicing consciously this light technique, it becomes a “conditioned reflex” in our minds and then we come to a stage when we do not consciously engage our attention to breathing in many situations.

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