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Our life is transient and very valuable and we do not have much time to waste spinning in circles looking for pleasure and gratification, which only further enhances our desire. Transience is one of the main causes of suffering. Suffering is perhaps the only way to wake up and see the nature of our lives. Fear accompanies us from childhood, it’s fear of the dark, and in old age, fear of death. We fear to lose themselves, their identity. We are so strongly linked to the idea of who we are and what we have to fear its eventual destruction.

The true source of fear is in our minds. Through meditation, we can realize the ego, the false image of themselves, to dissolve the reign of terror. When fear or any other thought comes, we release it easy to come and go, while remaining at the same time relaxed and calm. Nothing from the outside world can protect us from what we fear. Overcoming fear through meditation is our true protection and the protection it gives us our teacher.

Life is incredibly beautiful, but we realize that only when faced with death. Through meditation, we can understand that death is not the separation but transformation. Life can not be lost and can not perish. When we understand this process, death does not seem so scary, because we know that we will have another opportunity as the wheel continues to turn. Our concept is a source of fear, not the object of fear. The development of such understanding, fear fades, death becomes an excellent teacher.

Entertain us outs, alcohol, bonfire variant, weed, etc., but all this satisfies us currently. This outer satisfaction leads us only in an endless cycle of desire. Our senses are the windows through which we perceive the world – not dulled when we can experience the richness of life or be closer to true happiness. We have to slow me, to hear and feel the sounds and vibrations to us, our feelings are trying to convey. When we silence and relax, nurture your senses. The meditation we develop quality listening inside. Using attention and concentration, learn to eradicate tension and allow our energy flows through the whole body. True relaxation is overcoming the physical form and complete opening of the senses. Meditation is not suppressed emotions, it transforms them, allowing the mind to purify. Happiness is within our hearts, in which reside inner peace, serenity, and bliss. Here, uniting their body, mind, and senses, we can establish inner balance and harmony. This internal balance remains in us, no matter what we do, we are always here and now.

Short guide – Meditation For Beginners: A 3-Step Beginner’s Guide

Meditation helps us not only to solve their problems but also to prevent their formation. Meditation relaxes and soothes, and when any such notions and emotions arise, we are no longer drawn into his story. In this way, their power over us begins to fade. When we begin to meditate, just let every thought that goes, and liberate their past and future. We do not pay attention to them, so ego begins to lose power over us.

Do not expect anything in meditation. Do not try to get somewhere or something to achieve. Too much attention only creates tension. Simply allow things to be what they are, totally relaxed. How to develop meditation, our awareness is gradually increasing. The mind naturally purified from confusion and discontent and achieve clarity of meditation, mindfulness, which is there, no matter where our thoughts went, no matter what happens.

In the open sea, meditation can reveal infinite joy and perfect bliss. We begin to experience a new kind of honesty, the vital energy that comes from a real understanding of yourself. We realize that our mind is, in fact, a channel through which we can establish contact with higher levels of consciousness within ourselves. Inner beauty and peace can not lose because of the behavior and attitudes of others toward us. Meditation allows us to achieve a balance of mind and body, to live in harmony with others, and bring more meaning in your life at all levels. When we live this way, changes can not be seen only in ourselves but in the world around us.

When you reach the heart of meditation, there are no instructions. Meditation is transferred into everyday life, meditation is everywhere.

Before meditation, it is necessary to learn the technique of relaxation of the tips of the toes to the top of his head.

I wrote a short guide – Meditation For Beginners: A 3-Step Beginner’s Guide

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Wrote- Biljana Nikolic Yoga Therapy Teacher 500 RYT

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