“Eyes That Laugh”


Diary /  11/10/2015

“Walking through the city, I observe people and look at the eyes that are the mirror of the soul of every being. I notice that many eyes are sad, deep and I do not see brightness and joy, and I wonder why there is no joy in people’s eyes. Is there no love that fills them, that pleasure their souls and that makes them rejoice the day when they were rewarded? Love is the most beautiful feeling of freedom, which with its gentle touch touches the soul and gives it a beautiful emotion with which beings struggle. To love is the freedom of the soul in the desire that everyone is smiling and it gives you an eruption of creativity, which must not be suffocated but should be allowed to carry you in its ecstasy. Like a beautiful dance that has a cheerful melody singing gently and caressing your whole being every day. Over the years, I have learned that to love is a wonderful freedom, to love unconditionally will be because you have been rewarded with the most beautiful gift that life can reward as a long-term quest. The loneliness of beings, when they come across their soul mate in their search, convulsive it tightens, instead of letting the energy flow and exchange circularly. Why with their actions, various conditions, imposed molds, or false moral values, they cannot surrender to free love? The most beautiful emotional energy touch of the soul is complete unconditional love, in which you just indulge without expecting someone to love you, providing a feeling of freedom and love, because you only love. You get a huge emotion that clothes you every day, a gleam in your eye present with the freedom of exposing your ego, and the desire is to completely surrender your whole soul in the most beautiful way, which caresses you in tenderness, and the source is in you. It should be allowed to flow and illuminate the whole face with brightness, then you shine the most beautiful light that illuminates the path you are walking in your full daily day. As we learn to walk, so we learn to love because nothing else should exist except love, because then we put on our emotions the chains of everyday life that do not allow us complete freedom and surrender. I surrendered to the waves of love and never asked for anything, I gave and taught that every time I want something, I re-examine myself why. I asked myself fewer and fewer questions until quite naturally love came unexpectedly, and I already knew then that I was not asking and I experienced a complete transformation of my whole being, not asking but only giving. Bathed in every moment of love and creatively eruptive as a whirlwind, I let to be carried away by primordial love, without asking anything, indulging in the moment of presence in my soul, singing the most beautiful melodies, which will remain in me and with joy, I will always remember when I go the other way…


To love unconditionally is when you strip your soul every day, like a complete birth in your nakedness. To give everything with complete joy, because you experience the joy of taking off all the mantles of social codes, and the brightness in the eye is the energy of the most beautiful cosmic union of completeness because you are in everything and everything is in you. The encounter with your soul was like a Big Bang in space, time didn’t exist, And I took everything off myself and surrendered to you naked and as a newborn, I was born again. The joy shines in my eye and the understanding of life wisdom that I have read in many books and they call it “unconditional love”. My soul sings the most beautiful melody, my passion and lust are released for you to take them, as if there is no tomorrow, realizing that we exist only in the present moment and as the most sincere emotion we exchange it. I was born again in my 40th year and realized that all the teachings and applications made sense, giving me the most beautiful drop of love that makes the ocean, powerful and strong energy with which I was completely united. I know that nothing is eternal except the energy that flows through us, everything else is stories that are written by ourselves, and if people would indulge only in the energy that flows and completely freely surrendered, and then say out loud what they learned in themselves, they would understand themselves more mentally. They would relieve the pain, which was caused by some possessive desires that are rooted in certain molds because they did not manage to take it all off themselves like clothes before going to bed because primordial love elevates a human being.



There is always a more rewarded being who loves unconditionally because he does not expect, he just loves, and the seed you plant begin to grow and give the most beautiful flowers in the aromatic garden of colorful flowers, which intoxicates you with scents and gives the beauty of God’s creation. In learning how to observe ourselves, we come to more self-knowledge, then we see ourselves with different eyes, we understand our fears that have been going on for years, and if we have not accepted them and seen them, if we have pushed them somewhere and continued through life, not realizing that it is present in us. As long as we as beings, do not indulge only in pure love, we deny ourselves to experience rebirth, the gleam in the eye will be just in the moment, and then the pain arises because we wanted to possess something, and that is not there anymore. The joy of unconditional love is to let go of everything and expect nothing, just love while you are given the most beautiful emotion in time. Do not squeeze convulsively, but be your own, awaken the child in yourself and work at every moment, which gave you to create the most beautiful game. As I write down the words wanting to be recorded, I think of my gleam in my eye, and that one day this record of a personal life story, created in my rebirth, will be read by millions of people and maybe I will be able to share all my emotion that carries this moment, with all of you. Everything is given to us to learn and we learn the most from love, the fear of surrender has made many beings lonely souls trapped in a life without a glow in their eye. The child in me is looking forward to the birth, with a smile I will always remember the most beautiful emotion that gave birth to me creatively, let me breathe freely and be in everything with brightness in my eye.

Thank you to the Most Beautiful Being who gave birth to me.

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Text translation Ana Manasijevińá Kosjer



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