What is the Interpretation of the Name of Asana?


Most people consider asanas to be a type of gymnastic exercise or certain bodybuilding techniques. This is a completely wrong opinion because, with the help of asanas, the practitioner achieves a state of being in which he can remain stable, calm, comfortable, physically and mentally, for a long time. Yoga asanas are done slowly with relaxation and concentration. In an ancient text on yoga, written by Patanjali, there is a short definition of asanas: “stable and comfortable positions.”

The most common word you will encounter in a yoga class is Asana and it means position – it originated from the Sanskrit root “as”, which means “stay, be, sit, establish yourself in a position”.

The word asana is added as a suffix in other words to denote certain yoga positions. Thus, for example, bhujangasana means cobra, and by adding the suffix asana we get the name bhudžangasana, which means the position of the cobra.

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