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Quick Course Overview: Comprehensive 100% online training program to qualify you as a master level health and wellness coach. Your training materials include comprehensive and easy-to-follow training videos, an official digital manual, note packet for each video lesson, expert guest lecture/interview videos and multiple-choice online exam.

Program Overview:

Our Certified Master Health and Wellness Certification use an effective and new coaching model based on a higher level of communication you share with your client.

Using principles of motivational interviewing, coaches like you are taught the significance of asking powerful and thought-provoking questions.

This master level program explores the dynamics of a co-active coach/client relationship that is client-centered.  This means that we build our clients up to the challenge of meeting goals and designing action plans with them. And, we always work with an agenda that our client sets.

It is not an agenda that the coach is setting with the client. Instead, we work to have our clients grow and learn what they want to change in their own words.  This can only happen when you, the coach, has learned the skills used to elicit this from the client.

The Master Health and Wellness Coach simply facilitates awareness and the plan.  You also support your client, and when needed, hold them accountable during the process.

Clients come to a coach looking for help.  Sometimes they aren’t aware of what they need to move forward.  In order for the coach to be effective, they have to know all of the relevant information regarding the client.

The art of clarifying a client’s vision is only realized with the relational flow, meaning that we have to work toward building a relationship with our client that allows for information to be openly discussed in a professional manner. This requires intimacy, trust, and rapport.

As coaches, we shine a light on these client communications so there is a deeper understanding of the processes of co-active coaching, including the use of reflections and appreciative inquiry.

When combined, all of these skills you will learn to come together to allow our clients to feel fully understood and appreciated.  Our coaching model provides you with more tools to meet the needs of clients with varied needs.  By creating multiple paths of communication with our client, we get a better understanding of them.  This makes us more effective at designing actions and realizing success in reaching their health and wellness goals.

Benefit of Online Course and Master Health & Wellness Coach Career


A unique opportunity for people who want to build their holistic careers or to supplement their knowledge with a pre-existing career, personal trainers, current yoga instructors, sports coaches, and wellness professionals. To be successful in business is to understand how the mind and body subconsciously work together and uniquely function.

Online Master Health & Wellness Coach program  benefits of enrolling now:

– You will save time. You won’t have to wait for expensive workshops that MAY NOT be offered near your home.

– You will save money (no travel expenses, no time off work)

– You will become successful in the health and fitness industry while helping people feel better and improve their mind-body health

 -100% Online Course – Study at your own place

– Comprehensive Training – Immediate course access

– Certification – Receive a digital certificate upon passing the exam

– Complete Career System – Ongoing Support

– Lifetime certification and training access

You will learn the following:

  • The application of effective health and wellness coaching
  • Your scope of practice
  • How to create optimal health and well-being
  • Business fundamentals
  • How to create positive lifestyle changes
  • Working with medical and allied health professionals
  • Essentials of internal dialog and self-talk
  • Working with clients with a disease, pathology, and illness
  • Positive daily habits and practices

When you successfully complete this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe specifics of health and wellness coaching, and how it has evolved into its current state, and how it helps clients attain desired outcomes
  • Understand the different ways you can apply health and wellness coaching among populations requiring different strategies and techniques
  • Know how people go about the process of changing behaviors and actions
  • Learn both emotional and physical aspects of health and wellness
  • Apply different coaching strategies and models
  • Master of the Health and Wellness Coaching Model
  • Start or expand your successful coaching career

Is this program accredited?

The Spencer Institute is accredited by The Certification and Accreditation Board of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP). The AADP is a professional accrediting association that recognizes traditional and non-traditional programs in the United States and around the world.

Why is having a certification in this field of work important?

To show you have the competency and a deep understanding of a given topic. If any person or association tells you that accreditation is required for your certification or career success, they are not telling you the truth.

Spencer Institute specializes in providing diverse training options and niche courses. The special techniques we share with you are designed to make you a world-class coach and launch a successful coaching business.

Our programs are easy to follow and appropriately challenging. Each training course is developed with you in mind. We structure each course in a way that allows you to quickly understand the concepts and use the information quickly. In return, you easily help and guide others to success and fulfillment.

Upon successful completion of your certification(s), you can start your coaching career anywhere in the world.  We will support you each step of the way.

Quite simply, it is the only online Master Health & Wellness Coach Certification available.

Welcome to the online Master Health & Wellness world – “Spencer Institute

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