What’s Old and Rediscovered?


It is not difficult to prevent and treat if we know that there is a natural cure for every disease in medicinal herbs. Apart from the most important types of herbs, along with my grandmother’s proven recipes for their health, as well as ancient recipes for an effective home pharmacy.

The advantages of a home pharmacy are:

  • Simple and cheap preparation
  • You don’t need classic medicines
  • Almost all ingredients are of natural origin
  • Due to the use of the preparation, no side effects will occur

Discover, therefore, the treasures hidden by these ancient recipes and place your trust in the power of medicinal herbs.

Did People Know the Healing Effect of Marigold?

From marigold flowers, you can easily get a healing ointment, which will successfully care for cracked skin. Marigold, this medicinal plant is originally from Egypt and it always pays to plant it in your garden, it will bloom as well as a potted plant. In the past, the view on the marigold replaced the weather forecast: if the flowers of the plant were open 7 o’clock, good weather was predicted all day, but if they were closed, the rain was forecast. Its therapeutic ingredients were also used by the Romans, and in recent decades it has regained its fame in cosmetics.

What Does It Take To Make Healing Marigold Ointment?


50 gr. dried marigold flowers

– ½ lit. peanut oil

– 40 gr. cocoa butter

– 40 gr. beeswax


How to Prepare Fat?

# 1 – Take dried marigold flowers and pour them over with peanut oil. Then close the glass jar well and leave it to stand for 2-3 weeks in a warm place.

# 2 – After 2-3 weeks, transfer the mixture to a bowl for further preparation and cooking. Heat the mixture and before it boils, remove it from the stove and add cocoa butter and beeswax. Mixing will melt everything.

# 3 – When everything is dissolved and combined, stir well, wait for the liquid to cool (it must not be squeezed), pour it into a glass jar, or containers that are convenient for you to use.

Enjoy nourishing your skin with a completely natural healing marigold ointment.

Wrote – Biljana Nikolic Yoga Therapy Teacher 500 RYT

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Text translation Ana Manasijević Kosher

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