What is Tantra Yoga?


Tantric yoga implies the unity of sexuality and spirituality. Spiritual lovemaking is one of the simplest ways to experience a mystical connection with yourself, with your partner.

The most ordinary lovemaking has one goal “orgasm”, while tantric lovemaking has a different perspective, there is no goal but there is a purpose. Unity with your partner enjoying this approach brings less pressure because the art of spiritual love raises your sexuality to a much higher level than simply physical pleasure.

What is achieved by Tantric Exercises?

These ancient exercises, which unite body and spirit, are especially important for modern lovers who often seek a deeper connection and greater satisfaction, as an overview of a life that glorifies carnal enjoyment. Tantra helps you to open up to your partner more freely and completely, sharing with him or her your victories but vulnerability too. You can spend years, and study the depths of tantra, you can master some very powerful skills in a very short time, which is especially tempting for lovers who are caught in the rhythm of everyday life.

These texts that we will publish in a time series are specially written for those lovers who are very busy, wanting to transfer the practical path of tantra that leads to intimacy, which can have a great impact on your life but without spending too much free time. Tantra helps you understand that life can be enjoyable, and that is good, good for you, and everyone, and for everyone in your environment.


What are the Basics of Tantric Exercises?

Love views are such a powerful process that we recommend that you practice this technique daily for the rest of your life. It is a conscious energetic giving and receiving of love, it has a positive impact on your relationship and not only cumulatively but also exponentially.

Conscious breathing completely deep and conscious play. Tantric love plays an amazing role as it does in many other spiritual physical disciplines from Yoga and TaiChi and even singing. Conscious breathing reduces tension, mood increases sexual pleasure and helps you to connect deeply with your partner.

Thought From Tantra:

  • You start making love, instead of having sex on your own, open yourself up to giving and receiving pleasure, instead of just doing the work. Allow yourself to feel some emotions, not just physical pleasure. Think of this as an experiment: How deeply can you fall in love with each other?
  • Keep in mind that sex is not just a pleasure, which is also obtained by rubbing the body, but more like an exchange of energy when an orgasm turns from a bodily thing into something that you experience with your whole body. When you can feel an orgasm in your whole being and body, like orgasmic waves, and you can’t tell whose orgasm it is yours or your partners then you will understand that sex will never become boring, that it is masterful lovemaking, and it requires a combination the time of attention you will invest in it your whole life.

The simple recipe is: Great sex is much more than two bodies rubbing fantastically against each other, it is also a connection with trust, intimacy, and communication.

This is an introductory topic and introduction to Tantra, and dear readers in the coming period we will write one by one the technique from the ancient exercises of Tantra and provide immense information on how to connect more deeply in a partnership.

Wrote – Biljana Nikolic Yoga Therapy Teacher 500 RYT

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Wrote – Biljana Nikolic Yoga Therapy Teacher 500 RYT

Text translation Ana Manasijević Kosher

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