The Essence of the New Being

Diary 07/09/2016

“When you take a step in some moment in your life, in which you want to look deeper into yourself, to take off old clothes that tell you about all that life has given you as a gift, and you realize in the re-examination of your soul that you have gone far and like a newborn started making new steps. Everyone has a task with his birth, a life path that cannot be changed and in a race that he has imposed on himself as if he wants to achieve something, and then at one moment he hears a voice deep inside, hears the cry of the soul and then stops, takes a step and stops time, does not run after his desires, does not look at things from some deep urge, but stops and gives in to everything. They say wherever you go you carry yourself, of course, you carry your own I in your daily journey, you show your beauty, and along the way you meet many messengers who in a silent voice direct you to where to go.

Far from all, I was left alone with myself, and slowly took off part by part the life clothes I had worn for so long, and as in a spiritual temple with much love, I began to cleanse my soul with the incredible baths of the waters of life. I did not feel the weight of my actions because the time I spent searching for myself brought a moment in which it was necessary to take everything off myself, to free the being that I had clothed long ago into the life that was destined for me. I realized that destiny could not be changed, that every being had its own already written path, and many times I heard that sentence, but I did not understand it by soul, I did not accept it primeval until I made a step and gave myself the opportunity and moment away from everyone in all to whom I change my knowledge with myself and the further path I will walk. You will gladly realize that you have allowed yourself to be completely bared and set free. The realization that fate is long ago written in every moment, my soul finally accepted, the depth of that understanding thinking that you can reach a life that is not yours, that you can change the moments in which you take steps, no, it is not possible, but you can only accept and when I realized with my being the essence of those words, I freed myself, slowly removed one by one part of life’s clothes, and with the most beautiful everyday baths, bathed every part of my body, my soul and felt joy overwhelmed me, felt the energy I selflessly gave and the harmony settling in and I’m the same but so new. To regain myself and feel the incredible fusion of life, to understand the essence and wisdom of simplicity that I lost because of many things, but the quest I queried as a spiritual being finally found itself. ”

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Wrote – Biljana Nikolic Yoga Therapy Teacher 500 RYT

Text translation Ana Manasijević Kosjer

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