Was Clay Present Through Human Development?

We cannot make a mistake if we follow Nature, it is right to harmonize with it and that is the whole art of living” – (Montaigne)

Clay, which is used today in various industries, has been the main source of wealth for people since ancient times. Starting from the construction of houses and later kitchen utensils, blast furnaces, decorative objects, writing boards, clay was associated with man, following its development and always present as a gift of nature.

In addition to the sun, air, and water, clay is the most powerful means of physical performance.

What Are The Healing Properties Of Clay?

Sometimes it seems that there are similarities between the action of clay and certain drugs, especially antiseptics. Clay is completely different, it is “natural intelligence” because the fact is that clay acts with the ability to distinguish, preventing the spread of pathogenic bacteria as well as parasites, while helping to restore healthy cells.

  • Absorbing power (5gr of clay cleans 10 cm3 of water)
  • Purifying properties (absorption of all impurities: property useful in medicine)
  • External and internal use

Why is “pure” Clay Naturally More Powerful?

It is generally known that many masks used for beauty are based on clay, as well as that the use in the cosmetic industry increases the price of quality face creams. All changes of clay by adding any substances reduce its natural power, which is immeasurably greater if the clay is in a pure state.

Homemade Recipe for Skin Care with Healing Clay

Ingredients needed:

Clay powder

– Olive oil

– Lemon peel

How to Prepare a Cream-Mask from Clay:

# 1 – put 2-3 full spoons of powdered clay in a bowl

# 2 – Add 1 tablespoon of olive oil

# 3 -mix the mass nicely to be smooth and compact, if necessary add 1 tablespoon of water until the mass is compact for application to the skin

Note: it is best to prepare the amount for single-use and if it is applied to a larger area of ​​the body, increase the amount of mass proportionally.

Keep the clay cream mask until it dries completely and becomes a lighter tone. Wash itchy skin, with spots, inflamed part, or very sensitive skin with soap-free water. Then rub your face with lemon peel.

I have shared with you the first in a series of recipes for the most powerful natural gift “Clay”, which I have personally tried in many situations and I am always amazed by its healing power.

Wrote – Biljana Nikolic Yoga Therapy Teacher 500 RYT

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Text translation Ana Manasijević Kosher

DISCLAIMER Before beginning any new exercise program or recipe this yoga-blog contains information that is intended to help the readers be better-informed consumers of health care. It is presented as general advice on health care. Always consult your doctor for your individual needs. 


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