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There is plenty of research indicates that yoga improves all levels of health including physical, mental, intellectual and emotional health. It also helps us to manage issues like mental stress, depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorders, mental disorder. So, if you are the one who is seeking these benefits of yoga via an unconventional way, then we help you to explore your inner yogi just by adding some eccentric steps in your daily routine.

Modern-day yoga with its wide variety of asanas is adopted as a fitness trend rather than a process of activation of your spiritual journey. With the incorporation of Dance & Aerobics activities into yoga to taking it to under approach of the common person. You don’t have to be a master in Yoga teacher training or adopt a Yogi Lifestyle to practice yoga. Below are some interesting activities that help you to practice yoga.

  1. Dance Yoga – Dance Yoga is a new form of Yoga that comes into the picture by incorporating yogic posture i.e. Asana in the dance movements which are helpful to heal so physical problems like joint pain, migraine, and other injury pains.
  2. Acro Yoga – Acro Yoga is known as the most dynamic variation of Yoga. It is the combination of three elements – Solar acrobatic practices, Lunar Healing practices and Yogic practices which focus on simplicity, movements, and calmness with an emotional healing touch. This yoga is performed with a partner that helps each other by playing different roles. The major role during this yoga is trust, stretching, cultivation, emotional touch, Breathing and flowing with a combination. It is like a constant cycle with resonance and results as improvement in physical & mental and emotional health.
  3. Underwater Yoga Diving – Underwater diving is also considering a relaxation technique as it creates the situation of weightlessness and a stark awareness of present by sounds of our own breath and heartbeat. Underwater diving is considered as a spiritual and meditative practice, is more connected with pranayama. Deep diving into your inner being and leave the world above it.
  4. Aerial Yoga – It is a yogic posture practice that gives you an incredible experience of lightness as you soar, twist, stretch, and float in the air. It stretches out the muscles, especially the core muscles regarding which you may not be aware. You will realize finally when you feel them. That’s why Aerial Yoga is giving the modern heights and popularity to ancient yoga.
  5. Yoga Therapy – Yoga Therapy includes yoga postures, breathing exercises, and meditation to improve physical and mental health. The prime focus of Yoga Therapy encourages the integration of mind, body, and spirit. In the modern world, physical therapists implement yoga techniques in the massage and other treatments.

 Yoga is a practice that develops a healthy mind within a healthy body. With yoga, you acquire a peaceful and balanced state of your body, Mind, and Soul which helps us to manage our day to day stress, anxiety and enhance relaxation.

 So if we include yoga techniques in our daily exercise or activities, we can have improved sleeping, Lowers Blood pressure and Glucose levels, improved Immunity and another physical and mental health status. But, to start these techniques, you need to enroll in a basic 200 hours yoga teacher training session so get a master of these techniques.

So, Start to explore your inner yogi by adopting yoga techniques. Today!

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