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Diary /  04/15/2015

“Constantly I read literature, books that are educational, books that I receive as a gift, I dedicate myself to various lectures, educations and in all books, all the lectures have the same message that says: „ That everything is in us, that we already know everything, it just reminds us all to a truth we have forgotten.”

The path of personal cognition of every being is the recollection of who we are, what is in us, why we constantly seek and accept others’ theories, go the other way when we are the truth when we have everything in ourselves. Everything around us is the path, it brings us all to a deeper awareness of ourselves.

A common sentence I hear people say: “What are your thoughts, such is your life”. Then we start to think positively and things happen in their course and due to an event, let’s forget about that positive thought for a moment. How many times in my path did I see with my eyes, not my soul, I neglected my intuition, my voice because of everything they had taught me for years, and I accepted. When I opened my soul, I always heard my voice, when I asked myself I always knew the answer,  BUT NO, I listened to my prejudices, my habits, everything, just not myself.

I neglected my voice, which is not always wrong, who is the judge, bad or good. So many times I consciously catch myself thinking, my thoughts are in the past, my thoughts are in the future and not at the moment I AM, how things are going and I don’t notice, how I think what others will say, how how?

A lot of it at all times, and I don’t notice, and then I analyze and I’m drowning in everything that’s going on. After so much searching, listening and many moments spent accepting others’ theories, I have neglected my thoughts. Naturally, by searching, we come to the essential truth, there are a number of rules, techniques, the theory each of us accepts which path suits him and through certain learning, he comes to understand and what then?

Everyone says that his theory is good, that his way is the best, ha ha ha smile I have when I understand there is an ego that then struggles and I forget the truth again. We are all sinners because we are human beings, every thought, act that we know is bitten by conscience is our own personal judgment, and it is individual. The voice we hear in ourselves is the voice we should listen to, not others, others are there to remind us if we have forgotten, if we are not aware.

Many times I have wondered what happiness is and on my journey, I realized it was an understanding, forgiveness, and surrender to the moment. Have I achieved happiness? I have reached the consciousness of knowing when I am wrong, of listening to myself, of observing everything around me. Many of the boundaries I set for myself and did not indulge in are still present, but with consciousness, I slowly go through my own realization, a truth that I have forgotten. Everything is simple and we complicate ourselves, everything is in harmony because only we see how it is around us, a reflection of our inner. Connecting ourselves with our nature, with nature around us is cognition, then we see, then we hear, then we know. “

Live life consciously at the moment!

Be creative! To forgive yourself! Have an understanding of everyone around you! Doing good things! Be a kid!

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