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We will present one practical yoga exercise that can calm your mind and relieve mental tension in a few moments. And then everything is more beautiful, more positive and we have the energy for everything.

You may notice that few people radiate inner peace and contentment. This exercise will help you achieve calmness of mind. There are various meditative techniques and breathing exercises, but most people who do not practice yoga are not clear to them. Practicing various techniques, I have found one simple yoga exercise that will help everyone achieve good results in no time.

This exercise calms the mind and has a positive effect on the whole organism. By acting simultaneously on both hemispheres of the brain, it activates all the energy centers in the body and:

– It affects the synapses in the brain and achieves a calm mind

– Affects the entire bony system involved in every movement this exercise requires

– It throws out every negative emotion from a person

– It affects the right and left hemispheres of the brain at the same time

If you want to achieve an even more lasting and better effect of exercise, you need to work every day, at least once a day, whenever you want. This amplified effect is achieved by continuity as the synapses in the brain receive a signal and after exercise affects the entire nervous system.

How to practice calmness?

To stand upright, make a one-leg gap with your feet.
With the left hand, we accept the right earlobe, and the left earlobe and gently pull down our fingers with our ears.
From an upright position with our hands on our ears, we slowly lower ourselves into the squat (as long as we feel stable and can hold our spine straight).
In the rhythm of the lifting-lowering movement, we exhale as we descend into the squat, and breathe in as we exit up from the squat.
It starts at 50 seconds a day, and every day we increase the lead time to a maximum of 5 minutes according to the feeling of being comfortable.


“If you do not have more than 60 seconds to exercise during the day, then this is the right measure for you because 60 seconds of regular daily exercise brings more positive impacts than the half-hour exercise we are constantly postponing for tomorrow.”

The beauty of this yoga exercise is the ease of performing as well as the fact that benefits are achieved in all people, even those who have never practiced yoga.

DISCLAIMER Before beginning any new exercise program or recipe this yoga-blog contains information that is intended to help the readers be better-informed consumers of health care. It is presented as general advice on health care. Always consult your doctor for your individual needs.



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